Avocado Farming Increases Water Shortage In Some Parts of The World

I sometimes do add Avocado to my salad. I rarely eat Avocado by itself though. Before I watched the video which I’d shared right after the break, I didn’t know that Avocado is a danger to water resource for some places around the world. In Chile, some parts suffer water shortage, and Avocado farming increases the water shortage for people who are living in these water shortage regions. The video claims that Avocado is a thirsty fruit since it requires eight more times of the water than potato. I never knew that Avocado is so thirsty. Now, I feel guilty whenever I throw away Avocados that had gone bad in the refrigerator. Check the video out right after the break.

Running On Water To Abandon Oil Completely?

I’m in USA, and I don’t see anyone is driving around with a water kit which helps fueling a vehicle.  Nonetheless, according to the video right after the break, in Pakistan there is a way of obtaining and installing a water kit on a gas fueled motorbike to improve mileage.  Check it out!

RC Car Runs And Charges On Water Fuel Source

Whenever I see this I go crazy!  OK, what on earth I’m dabbling about?  Crazy what?  It’s about the RC car which runs on water.  No, it’s not running over the water like a magician’s illusion, but it’s a miracle still to see RC car uses water as a fuel source.  This sort of nagging me why we can’t do the same for real cars?  Imagine how much more energy independence we can be as a society if we can use water as a fuel source!

OK, I already hear that some people might just go crazy over this idea in a very bad way.  Some people might not like this idea at all since water supposes to be a very important fuel source for humans, therefore we should not use it as a fuel source for cars.  For an example, foods should not be a source of fuel for anything but humans.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest that water should be the only fuel source for cars.  Instead, I think our cars should be adaptable in a way that our cars should be able to be powered by many fuel sources in a combination or not.  For an example, if gasoline is available, then a car should be able to move about with just gasoline fuel source, but when gasoline fuel source got low, it should also be able to switch on its battery fuel source or water fuel source or whatever fuel source (or switching on all fuel source — not hybrid but it’s like many-many-brid).

Anyhow, I think if we’re too depending on a single fuel source for our whatever needs, we will be in trouble since all fuel sources do have their limitations.  Even the sun would die when its fuel sources run out!  Check out the video which shows an RC car that can be charged and ran on water fuel source right after the break.  By the way, this RC car could also be controlled by a smartphone app.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Just took some more photos of Lake Lanier, but this time I took them photos from different vantage point of Lake Lanier.  This time, I like to emphasize the drought condition in Georgia by taking photos that show part of Lake Lanier is now only puddles of water.  The irony is that, on the other side of the road, Lake Lanier is still looking gorgeous as ever.  Anyhow, you should check out them photos at my EndlessBit photoblog.  Feeling lazy?  You don’t have to hop over to EndlessBit, because you can just check out the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

EscapeCapsule To Protect iPhone 4 From Water, Sand, Mud, Snow, And Shock

Josh Wright and June Lai are relying on Kickstarter to help realize their project EscapeCapsule into reality.  So far, there are 73 backers and pledge money is around $6,485.  The goal is to get $30,000 in pledge money, because with that amount the two can mass produce enough EscapeCapsule for the market, I guess.

EscapeCapsule is sleek and cool.  It is a case for iPhone 4 that promises to protect users’ iPhone 4s from snow, sand, water, and shock.  Basically, you can swim in the ocean with your iPhone 4 as long it is encapsulated with EscapeCapsule.

The video at Kickstarter shows that EscapeCapsule isn’t a product of concept, but it’s already a full/complete product since Josh Wright and June Lai had used it in water and so on within the video to demonstrate to us that it’s indeed a working product.  According to Techcrunch article “EscapeCapsule Lets You Use Your iPhone 4 In Water, Sand, Mud, Snow, And Other Gross Stuff,” users only have to pay $50 for pledging, but EscapeCapsule will cost around $70 for the users who do not pledge.  Check out EscapeCapsule in action on Kickstarter’s article “EscapeCapsule – Waterproof iPhone 4 Case.”

I wonder, if Josh Wright and June Lai are able to make EscapeCapsule a successful product for iPhone 4, they might want to try to upgrade EscapeCapsule for iPhone 5 too.  So, in another way of saying, I guess some of us who admire this product need to hurry up and pledge a $50.  For me, I’m sort of in a tight budget situation, and so I pledge by writing about EscapeCapsule in this blog post, and I might get it at $70 price range when it comes out to the market.

Clarification:  Don’t expect this very blog post of mine to conclude that EscapeCapsule is a great product and has worked as advertise, because I do not truly know its true capability unless I have one; so far I don’t!

Sources:  http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/24/escapecapsule-lets-you-use-your-iphone-4-in-water-sand-mud-snow-and-other-gross-stuff/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+

Special Film Made From Hydrogel Can Help Farmers Save Water

Water shortage and malnourished soil can prevent certain plants to grow properly or even encourage food shortage over the years.  Japanese researchers are able to come up with a special film which allows plants to grow in high quality and large, and yet plants will be able to thrive with 80% less of water than normal.  So, it means that this special film will help people save water and yet they can cultivate high quality plants for food source.  Imagine how useful this special film will be in environment where water is scarce and soil is lack of nutrients.

This special film uses special gel known as hydrogel.  According to the film below, hydrogel has been used inside diapers to retain moisture.  Since hydrogel is able to retain moisture efficiently, it is able to help the researchers to apply this knowledge to plant cultivation.

Sources:  http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/15/imec-japanese-company-lets-plants-grow-on-thin-films-instead-of-soil-video/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+