Gobi Mirage (Music by Vinh Nguyen)

I just released a brand new single “Gobi Mirage.”  This single got fun and exciting dance beats.  I hope you can dance to it.  Anyway, it’s $0.99 a download in high MP3 quality at CDBaby.com.  In coming days and weeks, “Gobi Mirage” will be available on various music services such as Spotify.  If you have subscription to such music services, you can listen to “Gobi Mirage” at your leisure.  Please help me spread the words about “Gobi Mirage,” and I thank you a lot.  For a limited time, you can listen to Gobi Mirage on my music blog (VinhCanDoMusic.com) for free.

Gobi Mirage Music Cover Art

Red Hot Pepper (Dance Mix) By Vinh Nguyen

Hi good folks!  I just released a brand new single “Red Hot Pepper,” and I hope you all will like it!  As always, you can download this new single for $0.99 at CDBaby.com.  You can also get my single on other online music stores such as Amazon.  In the next few days and weeks, “Red Hot Pepper” will eventually get listed on music services such as Spotify.  When it does, you will have even more choices of accessing my new single.  Please support my effort by spreading your words about “Red Hot Pepper.”  By the way, you can listen to “Red Hot Pepper,” for free for limited time on my music blog (VinhCanDoMusic.com).

Red Hot Pepper Music Cover Art