Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 To Shame iPad 2?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is the first tablet which has Super AMOLED Plus.  Super AMOLED Plus allows the 7.7 inch screen of this tablet to show better pictures than otherwise.  It’s a dual core 1.4 Gigahertz processor.  It’s lighter than its previous cousin which is the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Samsung has packed this tablet with 5100mAh battery, allowing the tablet to last around 10 hours under heavy intensive usage.  Android 3.2 Honeycomb is the operating system of choice for this tablet.

As of now, Samsung isn’t yet announcing the price for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  If Samsung prices this tablet too high, then it will not be able to compete against iPad 2.  People don’t mind about having less features and capabilities on their tablets as long the price is right.  To clarify though, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 does have more capabilities and features than iPad 2 in a way that it touts Super AMOLED Plus screen, smaller in size if you like a smaller tablet, and so on.  Too bad it does not have quad core processor yet since the future tablets should have quad core processors for smoother gaming.

HP TouchPad is the testament to the price is right.  After HP announced that it will get out of hardware business, it slashed the price for HP TouchPad to roughly around $99 at some stores, and every last one of HP TouchPad was sold out.  HP even announced lately that it will make more of HP TouchPad even though it had announced to not invest in hardware business any further.

I can see Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 to overtake iPad 2 if the price is right.  Anyhow, check out the videos of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 right after the break.