Using Adobe Digital Editions To Read eBooks From Local Libraries On PCs and Macs

By accident, in a venture of trying to work out how to borrow Kindle ebooks from my local library for my Kindle, I got to know of Adobe Digital Editions.  Apparently, Adobe Digital Editions is widely used by local libraries to allow people to read ebooks on compatible devices such as PCs and Macs.  Now, I’m testing out Adobe Digital Editions to read ebooks that I’m borrowing from a local library on Macbook Pro.

You can visit this Overdrive’s link and then scroll down till you see a section says eBook Software, click on Download Adobe Digital Editions link to download Adobe Digital Editions, and the last step is to install it onto your computer so you can begin to use it to read ebooks that you’re borrowing from your local libraries.  Enjoy!

Kindle Users Now Can Check Out Ebooks From Local Libraries

Finally, Amazon allows Kindle users to check out their local libraries’ ebooks as long they have valid library cards and Amazon account.  I’ve tried it, but unfortunately my local library is still trying to get Kindle ebook setup process to work, and so I definitely have to try to check out an ebook for Kindle from my local library again soon.  Why don’t you try to check out an ebook for Kindle from your local library to see if you can?

Anyhow, here how it should work!  You go to your local library’s website, browse for the ebooks that you want to check out with your Kindle and then do so.  Your Kindle should be able to receive the ebooks from your library for limited time.  According to Engadget, ebooks from your library should have limited copies and expiration date just like how one would have borrowed a physical book from a local library.  I’m still not clear on how to return an ebook to a local library, you know?