China Amazing Growth Pushes American Companies To Go To China

Foreigners are trying to break into China’s market everyday, but not everything is easy with China.  Meanwhile Chinese most creative and big companies are trying to go global.  When modern China was young, she could not be so innovative since everything had gotten to be learned and copied.  Fortunately, China has been growing so fast that she could fast-track her learning and copying stage to innovation stage.  Right now as China tries to go global, she is also trying to become evermore innovative.  She invests in innovative talents in all sorts of fields such as industrial designs, brand building, and whatnot.  As China’s economy continues to grow bigger than ever, more foreign companies are vigorously trying to break into Chinese market to grab the ferocious growth of the world’s most populous country.  It seems American companies are also competing with other foreign companies in trying to capture the Chinese market.  Check out the video right after the break to see how American companies are trying to make their fortunes in China.

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