500,000+ Lego Pieces Later Came Awesomeness, A Fully Functioning Life-Sized, Lego Car That Runs On Air (i.e., Using Air As Fuel Source)

Don’t know how these geniuses had done it, but their fully functioning, life-sized, lego car that runs on air (i.e., as fuel source) had wowed me.  From the engine to the seats, except few un-lego-able components, are all made from lego custom units.  Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida are the guys who had built this awesome lego car.  Nonetheless, even though it’s a fully functioning, life-sized, lego car, it’s not practical since it’s only able to drive less than 20 miles per hour.  Still, practicality is also a relative matter as so walking.  When it comes down to awesomeness, sometimes practicality isn’t too practical.  I like it!  Darn it, it’s a lot of work that they had put into the thing though as it took 500,000+ lego pieces to build this awesomeness!  Check out the video right after the break to see fully functioning, life-sized, lego car in action.

Afterthought:  This makes me wonder how far these guys will push with their lego talent.  Will they try to build a gaming console out of lego next?  Just wondering… LOL…


RC Car Runs And Charges On Water Fuel Source

Whenever I see this I go crazy!  OK, what on earth I’m dabbling about?  Crazy what?  It’s about the RC car which runs on water.  No, it’s not running over the water like a magician’s illusion, but it’s a miracle still to see RC car uses water as a fuel source.  This sort of nagging me why we can’t do the same for real cars?  Imagine how much more energy independence we can be as a society if we can use water as a fuel source!

OK, I already hear that some people might just go crazy over this idea in a very bad way.  Some people might not like this idea at all since water supposes to be a very important fuel source for humans, therefore we should not use it as a fuel source for cars.  For an example, foods should not be a source of fuel for anything but humans.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest that water should be the only fuel source for cars.  Instead, I think our cars should be adaptable in a way that our cars should be able to be powered by many fuel sources in a combination or not.  For an example, if gasoline is available, then a car should be able to move about with just gasoline fuel source, but when gasoline fuel source got low, it should also be able to switch on its battery fuel source or water fuel source or whatever fuel source (or switching on all fuel source — not hybrid but it’s like many-many-brid).

Anyhow, I think if we’re too depending on a single fuel source for our whatever needs, we will be in trouble since all fuel sources do have their limitations.  Even the sun would die when its fuel sources run out!  Check out the video which shows an RC car that can be charged and ran on water fuel source right after the break.  By the way, this RC car could also be controlled by a smartphone app.