Allods Online Is Comparable To WoW But Free

After my abandonment of World of Warcraft for quite sometime now, I’d decidedly it was time to get back into MMORPG scene.  Of course, not the scene of WoW again, because it was clearly I’d gotten tired of WoW.  So what?  I found Allods Online for my entertainment, and I’d to admit that it was not a bad experience.

Allods Online is a free MMORPG 3D fantasy game which has many similarities with WoW.  It was developed by Astrum Nival of Russia, and it had $12 million budget.  The similarities with WoW aren’t meant that the stories and the characters and other contents are the same, but I think the similarities between Allods Online and WoW have to be about the gameplay.

Allods Online does have beautiful graphic.  Comparing the graphic of Allods Online versus WoW, I’ve to say both games are comparable in this aspect.  In the scale of 10 and 10 as the best and 1 as the worst, I give Allods Online’s graphic a 7 out of 10.

I notice the lag within the game even though I’m using one of those super fast Internet connection.  This can reduce game experience in my part.  Perhaps, my location is too far from Allods Online’s game servers.  When game servers are too busy, lag can occur and so this can also be the reason for the lag within Allods Online.

The best feature Allods Online has against WoW is that it’s free to play!  Obviously, there are in game items that you can buy to enhance the gameplay of Allods Online, but I hear that it’s not something that you can’t acquire by doing quests.  To put that in another way, it will take much more effort on your part to quest for certain things or acquire them somehow through gameplay than buying outright the things you need with real money.

In conclusion, I don’t see why people have to pay for WoW when Allods Online is free.  Albeit WoW does seem to be superior in a sense that it has larger community of gamers.  Nonetheless, I think Allods Online will eventually acquire a larger community of gamers soon.  Few drawbacks for Allods Online are notable such as lag and no auto attack game mechanic.  Luckily, those drawbacks do not hamper the gameplay to the point of displeasure, instead Allods Online is a game with beautiful graphic and plentiful in quests and contents.