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Why Are The Chinese Flourishing Under An Authoritarian Regime?   

Why isn’t the Chinese government allowing the Chinese to elect the country’s leaders and yet China is still flourishing?  Western people like us are often wondering why this is the case.  Some people from the United States and other western states have believed that once the Chinese are wealthier, they would demand a full-blown democratic sort of governmental regime.  Nonetheless, I think this sort of belief is kind of make-believe.

Chinese history had recorded many Chinese historical dynasties that were able to provide prosperity that had no equal in historical time periods, and so the ancient Chinese were able to flourish and get wealthy in all sorts of manners.  Yet, in those times, the Chinese were all ruled by a king or an emperor.  The modern Chinese regime is similar to yet different from the past dynasties in several ways.

Basically, the modern Chinese regime is an authoritarian body, because the Chinese cannot elect their leaders.  This is very similar to how past ancient dynasties had ruled China.  Nonetheless, the Chinese modern regime is different than the past ancient Chinese regimes/dynasties in the sense that Chinese modern leaders are not likely to be able to pass their positions down to their children as if their positions could be inherited.  Instead, there is a process within a one-party system that would weed out the bad and pick the good to govern an institution within China.  Nonetheless, this process is very similar to how the ancient Chinese dynasties had done in promoting meritocracy.

Anyway, historical periods in China have shown us that the Chinese can unite and operate just fine under a one-party system, and so we in the West should not expect China to emulate the Western democratic systems.  Nobody knows the future, perhaps China may emulate the West in the future, but in my opinion, I don’t think this will likely occur at all.  Instead, I think China would still be a one-party state in foreseeable future, and yet the Chinese will be able to flourish in this particular environment.

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