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Should A Brain Be Super-Charge?   

The brain, sometimes it's up all night, and sometimes it's snoring away.  Sometimes, it needs coffee to get that extra boost of wakefulness, but too much coffee goes jittery.  When malfunctions, it either gets duller or just pure dangerous.  It makes that thing you, and so greed, ambition, and needs would just creep into self.  Nobody would understand why the brain is so useful and yet so mysterious.  Sure, scientists have taken a close look at the brain, but fully understand it would not be possible as we speak.  Nonetheless, this has yet to discourage the science community to explore how to fully map and understand every detail of a brain.  They, the brainiacs, want to be able to enhance the brain for coloring a human future.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side you're with, there are people who oppose the idea of marrying technology with the brain, because they think the brain itself should be pure as how it has been through eons for humanity's sake.  A jolt of electricity to make the brain smarter would be a no-no to these folks.  Matrix's brain-hack style would definitely be heretical.  The brainiacs though would want to use technology to enhance, modify, and tinker with the brain so it would go super smart and super useful.  Will the brain make a selfless of a self if it's going super-charge?  Check out the discussion of supercharging a brain in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!! 

Master/Mind from Francesco Paciocco on Vimeo.

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