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Last Two Episodes of Three-Body Are Superb   

I just finished all 30 episodes of Three-Body. I'm so satisfied with how the ending comes to be in episode 30. Furthermore, there are a few scenes from episodes 25 to 30 (I forgot in which but at the very least the last one) that have several memorable links between Three-Body and Ball Lightning (short story). Of course, both sci-fi creations were written by Cixin Liu.  If you haven't read or listened to the audiobook of Ball Lightning, you may not know why Ball Lightning scenes are included in Three-Body. You could think these scenes are totally redundant, but I say it's well done and well connected between Ball Lightning and Three-Body because Ball Lightning is a loose prequel to Three-Body anyway. I'm not necessarily like how they depict the Trisolarians in the last two episodes but I say it is not so bad either.  I'm neutral on Trisolarians' appearance because I think in Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem Book 1, even he didn't depict how Trisolarians would look like. Now, I'm wishing for the second season and third season to be made so bad!

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