Awesome Magicians Yif and Cyril

In my opinion, so called magicians are the people who have done extreme preparations to achieve amazing results that would make people’s eyes, minds, and other senses go berserk in childish ways such as “Wow, how did you do that?” — their eyes would want to pop out of their sockets to show how much they adore at the magician’s trick and hope that the magician would reveal how the trick was done.  On camera or in real person, either way these tricks are amazing to say the least, because you cannot use your common sense to explain how the tricks were done unless you’re already know how to do them in the first place.  Magicians make their tricks look effortlessly real too!

At the moment, I like 2 magicians very much and these are Yif and Cyril.  Check out their videos right after the break and be wow.

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