Movie Review: Lucky Number Slevin

I think I’d seen Lucky Number Slevin before, but I forgot all about it.  Now, I’d just seen it again, and I think this is one gem that I should have not forgotten about.  In my opinion, it’s really a good movie.  Although this movie came out in 2006, it feels relevant, still, today.  After all, humans got all types of sin, and so a movie which turns both the good guys and the bad guys into one big funny, sinful dance is definitely relevant.  You don’t have to really understand what I just ranted on something about a sinful dance, because it would be such a spoiler if I just tell you the twists and turns within the movie.  You have to watch it for yourself to maybe know what I’d ranted on about.

Anyhow, Josh Hartnett plays his role so brilliantly in the movie.  After years of not remembering the plot of the movie, the movie managed to surprise me with its twists and turns.  The only time I knew I had watched this movie before was when I remembered a few scenes here and there, but I missed all the major twists and turns.  The amazing thing is that this movie feels like a comedy, but it’s not.  Bruce Willis’s coolness and Josh Hartnett’s funniness somehow make this movie a beautiful gem to watch.  The combination is quite nice I must say.

To top it off, this movie got awesome cast members such as Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley, and Lucy Liu.  These wonderful actors make the movie feels real.  Morgan Freeman looks benevolent, but he is one sinful gangster, which Ben Kingsley, successfully, in his odd way, contrasts Morgan Freeman as a funny but naughty gangster.  Lucy Liu looks clueless, but she tries her best to figure out her new friend Josh Hartnett.  Sometimes, Lucy Liu looks as if she is the smartest girl in town, because she does autopsy in her awesome white clinical robe.

In summary, if you have missed the 2006 gem, Lucky Number Slevin, I think you should check it out.  Even though the movie came out in 2006, it feels so relevant still.  It got actions and funny lines, and so you won’t be feeling bored out of your mind.  Of course, movie is like art, because what matters is the beauty in the eye of the beholder.  Of course, if you’re lucky, this movie will definitely give you a good time.

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