Grand Theft Auto V: 4K Resolution With Pinnacle of V Mod Gameplay Episode 1 (PC)

After seeing how gorgeous GTA V is with Pinnacle of V mod, I’ve decided to play this game again.  This time though, I’ll play GTA V with Pinnacle of V mod in 4K resolution.  The last time I played this game, I didn’t have the 4K monitor, and so I couldn’t play GTA V in real 4K resolution.  At the time too, I didn’t know about DSR’s frame scaling, and so I didn’t even try that.  Now though, with Pinnacle of V mod and 4K monitor, I think I’m going to enjoy GTA V a lot more.  I’ve always loved to share my gameplay of just about any game I’ve played, and so it’s no exception that I will make some videos of my GTA V gameplay, again.  I won’t rush to beat GTA V again, because I beat it before.  For now, please enjoy this video.

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