Amnesia (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

From the inception we forgot who we were,
thus we reinvented who we were over and over again,
we’d written fiction to be in place of history,
so we could at least believe we once got a root,
we’d written of the Great Flood that drowned our past,
perhaps, we had created such fiction over and over again,
just so we could at least feel a past,
without a past it’s hard for us to imagine a future,
because our identity is very much rooted in our imagination,
and so we could care less about the Great Flood,
which was mythically created by the mystics,
to pull us out of the greatest, deepest, amnesia,
and into a glorious present in which we could look back,
and say that we had once lived gloriously,
but the glory will continue on,
into the future we are heading for such a glory,
even if the future will be of another Great Flood,
perhaps, even then we might still be able to reinvent,
a past of now in which it does not matter if it’s true,
because this amnesia had got nothing on us,
for us, we are colorful,
for us, we are bold,
for us, we are innovative,
for us, we are imaginative,
for us, we breathe in amnesia as air,
and keep on moving forward,
into the unknown future that we are now already imagining of,
a glorious one indeed!

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