My Thought of the Day (April 20, 2015)

Mathematically, things are repeatable in multiple universes… either these phenomenons are to be happened in the span of many universes or in a single one.  The frequency of a specific repeatable thing will definitely be varied.  Why I find this is fascinating?  Well, let’s say multiple copies of you with exact genes from head to toes in different universes or in different time of the same universe.  Isn’t this fascinating?  Still, I would question if this is true for the infinite number in which as the number expands, the infinity would be dragged out and formed a brand new unique number, thus we have an infinity.  Can infinity be the exception to the rules in this regard?  If a number can be infinite, how many things are infinite out there?  Can a unique infinite be repeated at which frequency?  Well, I’m not a math wizard at all, and so I don’t have the answers to my own thoughts.  Funny isn’t it?

(No question is stupid!  Only stupid people would not dare to question!)

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