Discover (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Discover…
  • no, this isn’t a credit card,
  • Discover…
  • no, this isn’t about revealing,
  • Discover…
  • no, this isn’t about exploring,
  • Discover…
  • this is all about not discovering,
  • because everything there is,
  • everything is to be calculable,
  • if everything is calculable,
  • then it’s not about discovering,
  • in fact, it’s all about mathematics,
  • calculating everything is there,
  • when the math is done counting,
  • what’s there to be discovered anymore?
  • Discover…
  • what to be discovered?
  • It’s right there,
  • don’t you see it?
  • Do the math!
  • Oh, you mean you’ve found it,
  • sure, you are discovering it,
  • but you’re not the only one,
  • because I too discover it,
  • since when you ask?
  • Well, since you’ve discovered it,
  • because everything is already there,
  • you’re just lucky to be the first,
  • the first who accidentally stumbled upon,
  • upon this… this discovery,
  • but everything is calculable,
  • there it is,
  • you see it,
  • it’s there,
  • I see it,
  • so what’s there to be discovered?
  • It’s just mathematics…
  • all calculable!
  • Thus discovery is overestimated!
  • Often than not, discover repeats itself,
  • because human race is prone to amnesia,
  • and so history repeats new discoveries,
  • but these so called new discoveries have found,
  • they’ve found to be the reminiscences of the pasts,
  • and so what’s there to be discovered?
  • Sure, you can say you’ve found this brand new atom,
  • but why do you have to be so arrogant about this?
  • The atom could have been existing without you,
  • perhaps, this atom has discovered you instead…
  • instead of you have discovering it…
  • thus, Discover isn’t about revealing,
  • thus, Discover isn’t about exploring,
  • Discover is all about what is already there!
  • If something isn’t there,
  • you will never discover it!
  • It’s that obvious,
  • but people tend to think discover is different,
  • as in they think discover is innovation,
  • as in they think discover is creating,
  • as in they think discover is a new thing,
  • as in they think discover is revealing,
  • but what is so revealing when the maths are all here,
  • and you just have to count them,
  • or Discovering them!
  • I’ve discovered the obvious,
  • but why have I tried to discover when it’s obvious?
  • It’s obviously all there,
  • and so I’ve discovered it!

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