Gone A Poet’s Sigh (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Just a walk through a fog,
  • out came a world without border,
  • printed pages weren’t eaten by a dog,
  • entombing a talent beyond border.
  • As words floated down the stream,
  • wetting once dried lonely heart,
  • wet words wet a dream,
  • delighting once deserted heart.
  • As words laid dry on these rocks,
  • giving hope to one’s heart,
  • sun rays beamed in flock,
  • warming up one’s heart.
  • As words delivered by a pigeon,
  • elevating a downer up high,
  • a downer might need a surgeon,
  • removing a heartache ire.
  • So talented, these words were,
  • as words drowned in water,
  • gasping for air, dried readers were,
  • yet drowning still, they’d rather.
  • Talent came, and so talent went,
  • still, these words lingered by till sun’d die,
  • a talent had gone and so the unique sense,
  • gone a poet’s sigh, yet these words hadn’t die.

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