Self-Made (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Lightning streaked across the sky,
  • roaring thunder shook battle hardened knees of men,
  • yet rain had never fallen in years,
  • brought false hope to three decades drought,
  • women disheartened as countless men had fallen in wars,
  • all the signs foretold a birth,
  • a birth of a boy who was self-made in everything,
  • from the day he drew in the very first breath,
  • he was self-made instant,
  • till the day he died,
  • he was self-made legend,
  • and so the myth was born,
  • a self-made boy who ruled the world,
  • as king of kings he was self-made king,
  • even when he first broke out of a mother’s womb,
  • he was self-made as his mother died,
  • leaving him as a self-made infant,
  • without milk to nurture his infant life,
  • he was self-made by surviving on infant saliva,
  • he was self-made as he first knew how to walk,
  • he walked on two feet on the second day of his life,
  • he was self-made to the point that he could fly,
  • like a dragon he breathed out fire,
  • he was self-made to a point that he grew up too fast,
  • on a third day he was already a self made-man,
  • who stood taller than a known tallest giant,
  • kicking down the giant beanstalk for fun,
  • on the fourth day he was self-made genius,
  • he could calculate the known universe,
  • knowing all atoms there were in the known universe,
  • he was self-made billionaire on the fifth day,
  • and he declared who needed a family,
  • to nurture a self-made man,
  • after all a self-made man needed nobody,
  • on the sixth day he became a self-made Hitler,
  • who went on to destroy the known world,
  • and became a self-made Satan,
  • creating a hell on earth,
  • thus who needed the world,
  • as a self-made he self-made everything,
  • he even self-made a world,
  • a universe could be in reach,
  • and so he self-made a billion more universes,
  • to his own self-made image.

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