Another Easiest Answer? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Why are we here?
  • To live and let live?
  • When did we arrive?
  • How did we multiply?
  • Did we multiply with one?
  • Did we multiply with two?
  • We might never know,
  • but why didn’t we try to know?
  • Why are we so forgetting,
  • where we had come from?
  • Perhaps we don’t care,
  • or had we truly forgotten?
  • Nonetheless, we did find,
  • dinosaur bones didn’t we?
  • Nonetheless, we did think,
  • they were here before us?
  • Similar curiosity raged on,
  • why they had come before us?
  • Had the dinosaurs were wiped out,
  • just so us humans could live?
  • What if they had not been erased,
  • would we be able to thrive on?
  • Sure it was a survival of the fittest,
  • or had we gotten so much luck?
  • We thought simple is that simple,
  • but had simple ever is?
  • Back to the basic we hoped,
  • but had we found hope?
  • A hope of finding a human origin,
  • which might forever be lost?
  • Stardusts they surmised,
  • could have planted us seeds?
  • If this is so,
  • a human origin might not be so simple?
  • Infinite stardusts had always been out there,
  • we might as well were one of them?
  • Perhaps, stardusts might be it,
  • as it’s the easiest answer?
  • Not so fast methinks,
  • stardusts too, want to know their origin?
  • Perhaps the answer would be,
  • singularity?
  • .
  • Another easiest answer?

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