500,000+ Lego Pieces Later Came Awesomeness, A Fully Functioning Life-Sized, Lego Car That Runs On Air (i.e., Using Air As Fuel Source)

Don’t know how these geniuses had done it, but their fully functioning, life-sized, lego car that runs on air (i.e., as fuel source) had wowed me.  From the engine to the seats, except few un-lego-able components, are all made from lego custom units.  Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida are the guys who had built this awesome lego car.  Nonetheless, even though it’s a fully functioning, life-sized, lego car, it’s not practical since it’s only able to drive less than 20 miles per hour.  Still, practicality is also a relative matter as so walking.  When it comes down to awesomeness, sometimes practicality isn’t too practical.  I like it!  Darn it, it’s a lot of work that they had put into the thing though as it took 500,000+ lego pieces to build this awesomeness!  Check out the video right after the break to see fully functioning, life-sized, lego car in action.

Afterthought:  This makes me wonder how far these guys will push with their lego talent.  Will they try to build a gaming console out of lego next?  Just wondering… LOL…


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