Sinned Into Eternity (Poetry by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poetry I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Is it life as old as dirt,
  • that was first clumped into being?
  • There it was a soulless rock,
  • hunkered down on ancient soils,
  • just to withstand the ancient wind,
  • just to fight off the ancient erosion.
  • Soils themselves were old as dirt,
  • breaking apart just to be clumped again,
  • a never ending cycle soils were,
  • aging into the abyss they were,
  • for exact science was erred,
  • to make sense of soils’ countless age.
  • Motherly earth she was,
  • gave birth to ideas,
  • out they came hungry for life,
  • nonetheless, she wasn’t satisfied just yet,
  • so she wanted more,
  • so much more that she gave birth to five elements,
  • she named one of them after herself,
  • others were wind, fire, water, and wood,
  • more she wanted out came the giants,
  • just so they could be perished,
  • more she wanted out came the humans,
  • just so they could sin.
  • Little she knew how sinful all of her children were,
  • until it was too late.
  • She watched them fought tooth and nail,
  • into eternity it was.
  • All because she gave birth to ideas first,
  • and it was too late for her to not have ideas.
  • There she witnessed the eternal battle,
  • that went from bad to worse,
  • to the point that she herself,
  • felt their griefs unbearable,
  • and their sins were too great,
  • had broken her too.
  • Perhaps, life is truly old as dirt,
  • nonetheless, ideas were her first borns.
  • This could never be denied,
  • and so with ideas there were sins,
  • with sins there were sorrows,
  • with sorrows there were broken mothers,
  • with broken mothers there were lost children,
  • with lost children there were more sins,
  • with more sins there was this endless, sinful cycle,
  • eternal battle it was,
  • fought tooth and nail,
  • sinned into eternity.

2 thoughts on “Sinned Into Eternity (Poetry by Vinh Nguyen)

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