Blind Like Me (Poetry)

I’d written this very poetry, “Blind Like Me,” awhile back.  If I remember this correctly, I’d written it in 2012, but the exact date had slipped from my mind.  Anyhow, today I found it again in my computer.  A lot of errors were in this poetry, but I managed to fix them.  Now I think it’s definitely more readable than before.  I have to say that I should have posted this very poetry onto EssayBoard, because I like it.  Perhaps I had posted it already?  Anyhow, if I had posted this poetry onto EssayBoard already, then I had forgotten that I had posted it.  Nonetheless, here it is!  Enjoy it right after the break!!!

  • I tried to be all knowing as one could be,
  • thinking I knew everything and everything.
  • Suddenly, a swirly tornado of thoughts hit me,
  • got me off my balance and I felt my own tremor.
  • Like a blind man could never find his way out of here,
  • so he kept on fumbling for whatever he could grab.
  • The blind man had been engulfed by a familiar darkness,
  • which had surrounded him forever.
  • How could it be that one had kept on imagining,
  • and yet one could never be free?
  • Free from what you might ask.
  • I would say, free from an agony.
  • What agony you might ask.
  • I would say, a blind man agony.
  • The imaginations could be numerous as the stars.
  • Each of them could be vast as the universe.
  • Nonetheless, no matter how numerous and vast,
  • the imaginations that the bearers had,
  • they behaved like a blind man who kept on fumbling,
  • fumbling for just about everything and everything,
  • and the darkness would forever blind them all!
  • As the story went,
  • once upon a time,
  • upon a beautiful day,
  • the sky was blue,
  • and so the water was too.
  • There the birds sang,
  • and the bees swirled,
  • a blind man met a strange man,
  • who thought he wasn’t blind.
  • As the story went,
  • the two talked on for days.
  • Arguing against each other till no end.
  • On and on,
  • in and in,
  • out and out,
  • through and through,
  • they kept on arguing.
  • The strange man declared,
  • things had happened for a reason.
  • The blind man replied arrogantly,
  • so what reason would that be?
  • The strange man snapped back,
  • he who would know it knew it would not need to say.
  • The blind man shouted back,
  • had the reason found him or had he found the reason?
  • Both men exhausted in the end.
  • They’d lain underneath a tree to hide from the sun.
  • Both men finally agreed,
  • that there should be a finale.
  • The strange man said,
  • hear my finale,
  • would you not?
  • The blind man replied hastily,
  • spill your foolish words and let us be done.
  • The strange man laughed hysterically and said,
  • why are you so stubborn and not listening to me?
  • The blind man replied,
  • your words aren’t worth a damn,
  • because you are pretty much blind like me!

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