The Zoo

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Please, enjoy it!!!

  • There was a zoo,
  • it got a full house,
  • 3 hairy gorillas,
  • claimed one of the corners,
  • 2 scary lions,
  • claimed one of the other corners,
  • 1 slithering snake,
  • claimed the third corner,
  • 2 masculine bears,
  • wrestling in the last corner,
  • and in the middle of the zoo,
  • there was a cute, little pond,
  • fish swam freely,
  • until a roar came near,
  • a scary lion crept nearer,
  • finally she drank the sweet water,
  • the fish swam away in fear,
  • but the pond was too small,
  • the fish could only huddle nearby,
  • then came the restless bears,
  • the scary lion roared loudly,
  • the angry bears attacked,
  • water splashed,
  • the battle began in the pond,
  • the fish were trampled upon,
  • some fish got thrown out of the pond,
  • as the water splashed out heartily,
  • a messy pond it became,
  • no longer it was a tranquil, cute, little pond,
  • the gorillas gathered by the pond,
  • for a great gladiator show,
  • between a scary lion and the angry bears,
  • came the snake by the pond
  • swallowing up a tiny fish,
  • as she watched the gladiator fight,
  • the gorillas cheered loudly,
  • encouraged the fight to get even uglier,
  • came behind one of the angry bears,
  • the scary male lion ambushed an angry bear,
  • it was then the gladiator battle began to wane,
  • as the bears ran back to their corner,
  • the two lions were all too fierce at once,
  • the bears gave up the fight to live another day,
  • perhaps for another fight,
  • so there would be a bragging right,
  • and a glorious pride to boast,
  • the bears thought that was it,
  • until the two scary lions invaded the bear corner,
  • the gladiator battle began again,
  • a bear down,
  • a bloody bear head got severed,
  • leaving a broad, lifeless, bear body cold on the ground,
  • finally the scary lions were satisfied,
  • they made their way back to the pond,
  • licking each other as they drank the sweet pond,
  • the snake was hurriedly ran away,
  • and the gorillas too bid adieu to the pond,
  • the zoo got peaceful again,
  • as the lone angry bear wept alone,
  • for her fallen mate,
  • for a headless cold body had gotten even colder,
  • before long the body would rot,
  • just so the angry bears would know
  • not to mess with the scary lions,
  • but the lone bear still wanted revenge,
  • thinking to herself if she had gotten the number,
  • the lions would have been eaten alive,
  • nevertheless her fear trumped her vengeance,
  • leaving her cold and lonely in a bear corner,
  • hoping the lions would not come again,
  • finishing her off for once she feared,
  • the zoo went on as always,
  • and the scary lions became even scarier,
  • the pond with fish was cute as ever,
  • as the fish prayed for a more peaceful pond,
  • and the snake hoped for another messy pond,
  • so more fish could be out of water,
  • to fill up a hungry, slithering stomach once more.
  • The gorillas got bored as hell,
  • and they felt as if the world had come to an end,
  • back they toiled to groom each other.
  • The zoo kept on rolling forever,
  • as if time was irrelevant,
  • and the populations were for sure to be forever encapsulated.
  • The zoo animals they were,
  • forever so they were,
  • there they lived and fought,
  • there they died and wept,
  • there they be the animals of the zoo.

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