A Winding Road

Another poetry of mine which I wrote today.  Enjoy!!!

  • Sometimes, I rather be forgetful
  • as I get lost in a lonely wood
  • or on that lonely winding road
  • where no one would take
  • Without a clear mind
  • and yet my mind is so clear
  • during my exile in the wilderness
  • as I frequently pause to smell the roses
  • Perhaps the road I take
  • will take longer for me to get to my destination
  • but would I prefer otherwise
  • I would not know really
  • Nonetheless, the roses smell really nice
  • the air fills with tranquility
  • even though I am lost
  • fear not though as I slowly inhale and exhale
  • There is that certain feeling
  • when you stop to smell the roses
  • even though you’re lost
  • winding road it is yet you feel you’re right
  • My mind keeps on wandering
  • to a far far place
  • easing my loneliness
  • as the pain seeps in
  • As I feel the pain
  • and to be familiar with this loneliness
  • the calm settles the storm
  • and here I am smelling more roses
  • It is not that nature begs me
  • but I rather be kidnapped by the nature
  • so I can take a winding road
  • and get lost in its wilderness

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