Anno 2070 Gameplay Episode 01

Anno 2070 is another game which belongs to the same category as SimCity, Tropico, and other similar simulation type of games.  Nonetheless, each of these games that I’d mentioned are different somewhat from each other as each game presents a unique gameplay and various incorporated game elements.  For an example, in Tropico 4, the game prioritizes the happiness level of the population within the city through not only how the ruler of the city distributes resources but also through political elements such as improving factions’ standings.  Let say, if you aren’t friendly with the environmentalist faction but friendly to all other factions, even though the overall happiness of the city is above average, you might still see people (as in artificial intelligence of the game) decide to join the rebel force.  If the rebel force is in great number, they can gather a rebel army to attack you.  In Anno 2070, this game emphasizes more of the same theme, but it does with a point of view of building a futuristic city.  So, I definitely have some interest in playing this game further.  This means, you will see me make more gameplay of this very game.  Please enjoy the first episode of Anno 2070.

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