Working With Lightroom: Incorporating Personal Cloud With Lightroom To Free Up Local Disk Space

In the video right after the break, I’m working with Lightroom 4, therefore if you’re using a different Lightroom version, things I talk about within the video might turn out to be somewhat different for you.  Nonetheless, the main concept should be the same.  Anyhow, in the video, I emphasize retouching photos in Lightroom on a local hard drive first, and then move the original photos that you don’t have the need to work with anymore over to the personal cloud for safekeeping.  This way, you organize your original photos in the personal cloud and free up the local disk space.  Also, you can always move the same original photos from the personal cloud back to the local hard drive for retouching.  The trick is to do all of this within Lightroom user interface.  If you are going about doing this manually (i.e., digging into local hard drive and move the photos manually without letting Lightroom knows of what you’re doing), Lightroom might not know how to update the metadata and locations of the original photos in Lightroom’s archive database.  The whole idea is to use Lightroom to organize your photos locally or over the network.  When you’re doing this neatly within Lightroom, whenever the need arises, you can easily recall the original photos for further retouching.

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