Jaw Dropping: Kim Jung Gi Penned His Magic While Posing (YouTube Video)

I don’t know how to describe what I’ve just witnessed, but I guess I can sum it up for now with one word, awe.  Awe as in, wow, amazing, oh my god…  OK, obviously, there are many awesome artists out there, but rarely we see one at work in front of cameras, camcorders, fans, audiences, and the plethora of onlookers.  The YouTube video right after the break will show you an artist who drew up amazing art right in front of so many people, but it seemed as if he was having fun.  Number of people alone that surrounded him would make normal people twitched a bit, but this guy seemed to be totally in trance when his pen flew across the big, white paper which pasted to a big canvas stand.  From time to time, he had to stop and posed for his fans.  Some of them wanted to be in picture with him, and so he went off the script and posed and whatever.  After the poses though, his trance flipped back on as if it had never turned off ever.  Then, his pen would flew again across the canvas with ease, conjured up whatever he wished as if he picked a low hanging apple from an orchard tree.  This sweet, greenish, juicy apple shall be mine.  Check out the video right after the break and see Kim Jung Gi drew amazing art.  Enjoy!!!

Update:  Just found out another video which shows him at work with an even more amazing masterpiece.  Check the video out right after this break.

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