Should We Dare To Question Einstein On The Possibility Of He Is Wrong About Nothing Can Travel Faster Than Light?

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel ...

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics photograph. Français : Albert Einstein, photographie officielle du Prix Nobel de Physique 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who are we to question Einstein on the accuracy of his relativity theory right?  We shouldn’t, but we should!  OK, that doesn’t make sense at all.  I know right?  What I meant was that thanks to Einstein, we have been using his e = mc^2 theory to form so many modern marvels.  Some marvels though should never have existed such as nuclear weapon for obvious reasons.  Then comes the part where I said we should question Einstein e=mc^2 theory even though the majority of us will never be able to achieve what Einstein had achieved.  Why should we question his theory?  Well, imagine what if Einstein is wrong about nothing can travel faster than light as how Mr. Michio Kaku phrased in the video which I will post near the end of this blog post, we will be able to travel faster than light (according to Mr. Michio Kaku).  I sure like the sound of travel faster than light, because Mr. Michio Kaku mentioned in the video that time travel would be possible if light’s constant speed could be beat.

Personally, without anything to backup my belief, I think nothing is finite and nothing is infinite.  You can say this is a philosophical thought, because it’s really contradictory in a sense.  OK, perhaps philosophical thought doesn’t have to be contradictory, but for me and in this case it is.  For one thing we know for sure, we don’t know if the speed of light is the ultimate speed of the universe even though Einstein said it is.  How come?  Remember how Einstein was a nobody who came along and changed how we would think about sir Isaac Newton’s gravity theory altogether?  Because of Einstein, we came to understand that Newton’s gravity way of thinking could be off if gravity is to be calculated at extreme levels (i.e., super large or super small sizes such as black hole or quantum mechanical elements).  Nowadays, we can use Newton’s gravity way of calculation for things that aren’t as grand as black hole and so on — and things won’t be off too much.  When we need a much fine tune calculation on all gravitational concerns, we have to use Einstein’s relativity theory as many in the past and now have agreed that Einstein’s relativity theory is more suitable for much more accurate gravitational calculations (i.e., for things at extreme scales).  So in a sense, we might not know that in the future there will be a genius in the making which will prove Einstein wrong, right?  Of course, such a genius won’t be me and you.  It ain’t that easy to have a genius at Einstein caliber to come along, really!

I guess, the point I’m making is that when we thought the earth was flat, it became round.  When we thought the earth was the center of everything, then came the sun said no it’s not “How dare you be so wrong earth?”  When the thought of  the sun is at the center of a solar system wasn’t enough, we amazed at the scale of our galaxy.  Who would have thought that we could not count all the galaxies there ever were and are in space?  To think there would also be unimaginable amount of stars and space whatever within each galaxy alone… mind explosion!  With every twist and turn, we had it wrong.  How could we have not think of what if our universe has had an edge, and beyond this edge would lie a much bigger universe that would encompass the one we are in for an eternity to come unless…  Imagine a russian nested doll which would not end (i.e., there would always be another layer of dolls).  So, I think we should question Einstein often even if Einstein is currently correct!  By questioning Einstein often, we open up a hope that one day we might be able to travel faster than light and achieve time travel.  For what purposes do we need faster than light speed and time travel?  I would leave that for you to decide.  Check out “Michio Kaku: What if Einstein Is Wrong?” video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Should We Dare To Question Einstein On The Possibility Of He Is Wrong About Nothing Can Travel Faster Than Light?

  1. Great post! I sometimes wonder if scientists were to align their knowledge with that of mystics or people with mystical abilities, if some of these questions could be answered!

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