Lightroom 4 And Pixelmator Photo Fun – Flowers And A Butterfly

Didn’t have a great shot at the butterfly, but flowers were plenty.  Anyhow, I couldn’t crop the portion of the original image in Lightroom 4 at the preferable size, and so I had to settle with a really tiny crop size for the retouched images.  The images got weirder when I had some fun with Pixelmator.  Anyhow, I think you will see what I mean by checking out the photos right after the break.  Enjoy!

The images above were taken and created by Vinh Nguyen.  You can reuse the images for all purposes, but you have to credit Vinh Nguyen for the images.  The images above contain the traditional copyright license which credits to Vinh Nguyen only, therefore you cannot redistribute the images above under creative common licenses.

One thought on “Lightroom 4 And Pixelmator Photo Fun – Flowers And A Butterfly

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