Walking With A Real Life Holographic Girlfriend Would Be Best, But This Technology Is Not Yet Possible. For Now, A Japanese Man Rather Takes A Stroll In The Park With His Virtual Augment Reality Girlfriend.

Imagine one day you can actually take a walk in the park with a girlfriend who only appears next to you in a holographic form, but people who take a glance at you both won’t notice that the girlfriend’s appearance is only of a hologram.  Nonetheless, the girlfriend is real but she just projects herself in a holographic form so she can be with you even though she is miles away from your physical location.  Will it be cool?  Sure, but will we be able to accomplish something like that in the future?  Probably, but we won’t know unless the future is already here, right?

Anyhow, for now, I guess it’s fun and challenging enough just to walk in the park with a fake girlfriend whose form is of augment reality.  Obviously, augment reality will not allow normal people to see the same thing as you, because they too have to wear such augment reality gadgets and even then their augment realities may not be the same as yours.  Now, I think having fun with your augment reality girlfriend is fun and naughty, but don’t go overboard or else you may live in your fantasy forever and won’t be able to make it back to the reality.  Check out the video right after the break to see a man who takes a walk in the park with his virtual augment reality girlfriend.  Enjoy!!!

Source:  http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/9/3146248/hitsune-miku-virtual-girlfriend-augmented-reality

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