Solution To Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Errors

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve found the solution to how Witcher 2 gamers cannot update Witcher 2 to Witcher 2 enhanced edition.  Their problems might be very similar to how I had described in my earlier Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Update Patch Pack0.dzip Error For PC Version Corrupted Witcher 2 Launcher And Prevented Gamers From Updating Witcher 2 post.  So, the solution is rather simple!  First, make sure you have a legitimate serial key for your regular Witcher 2 edition.  Second, sign up for a free account at  Third, log into with your Gog’s newly account and go to this Gog’s specific link  Fourth, enter the serial key into the product key box.  Fifth, you can either download’s downloader for easier downloading of Witcher 2 enhanced edition game or just download the parts of the game individually.  Sixth, when everything is done downloading, you can install the game by using the .exe file.  I’ve confirmed that Witcher 2 enhanced edition download worked, because I had it installed and got to play with the game right after.  So, in a way, downloading Witcher 2 enhanced edition at allows you to bypass the update process of the regular Witcher 2 altogether.  I hope this method will work for you too.  Enjoy!

FYI:  I had scanned the downloads of Witcher 2 enhanced edition from with Norton 2012 Internet Security Suite and was unable to find anything wrong with the downloads.  Still, I suggest that you do your own virus scanning on your downloads.  Also, I had read online that many people are highly regarded as a reputable online service, therefore I don’t think you will have anything to be worried about when using  Still, you can always do some quick research about through Google yourself.  Good luck!

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