Installing Windows On Mac?

Windows 7 on iMac

Windows 7 on iMac (Photo credit: ryaninc)

Although the video right after the break was uploaded for almost a year ago by someone on YouTube, but I think it is still very relevant as the instruction within regarding to how to install Windows 7 on a Mac may still be useable.  Anyhow, I think it’s quite interesting for someone to install Windows on a Mac.  Of course, you can always dual boot a Mac and Windows on a Mac, but you can’t really do so easily with having Mac on Windows (possible but you gotta jump through hoops).  Of course, I think it’s silly to install Windows on a Mac since Mac users are definitely can afford to buy a PC for PC is way cheaper than a Mac.  Nonetheless, the cool factor to have Windows on Mac is just plain cool in my opinion.  If you can do it, why not right?  Having the look of the Mac, and yet you will also be able to play Windows games on a Mac under the guise of using Mac but in hardware only.

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