What About VirtualBSD 9?

Daemon (BSD)

Image by K W Reinsch via Flickr

Just recently, I’ve been playing with a new Unix distribution known as VirtualBSD.  Apparently, I like it!  VirtualBSD isn’t the same as other BSD distributions such as FreeBSD.  How come?  Well, let say you cannot directly install VirtualBSD onto a machine/computer, but you have to use virtualization for it.  So, VirtualBSD is meant to be used with VMware.  Don’t sweat VirtualBox users, because the developers of VirtualBSD also have you guys in their mind, and so they had created a script which will help you convert VirtualBSD for VMware into VirtualBSD for VirtualBox.

People might wonder why the developers force users to use virtualization for VirtualBSD.  Well, I think the developers want to encourage more users to use BSD/Unix type of operating systems; by not making users to go through the long process of installing a BSD/Unix type of operating systems, instead users can just add VirtualBSD virtual hard disk onto a new virtual machine, launch it, and have a BSD/Unix type of operating systems to play, learn, and experiment with.  Nonetheless, adding VirtualBSD 9, the latest VirtualBSD version at we speak, onto VirtualBox would not be totally hassle free, but it’s still a lot faster than having to install an operating system.

I’ve created a video on VirtualBSD 9 which you can watch right after the break.  The video will guide you through the process of adding VirtualBSD 9 onto VirtualBox virtual machine.  For the bonus, the video will show you how to use portsnap to fetch and update ports tree collection so you can install Linux applications/software onto VirtualBSD (a Unix type), and how to add and remove users on VirtualBSD 9.  So, if you really want to learn how to use BSD but do not really want to go through the trouble of installing it, then I suggest you check out my video right after the break so you know how to get VirtualBSD 9 up and running quickly.  Enjoy!

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