iTunes Match Goes Live, Will You Be So Interested?

Apple Inc.iTunes Match just goes live today!  You can now pay $24.99 to have Apple matches any song you have in your iTunes near instantly.  This sort of how Apple cooks up deals with the music industry so things will be more profitable and less costly for all.  Might this be how users will be able to gain new songs without actually paying for each song?  Well, sort of anyway right?  In reality, if you infinitely divide the total of however many years you will be subscribed to iTunes Match by the price of $24.99, you will still have an ever smaller and ongoing decreasing price per song.

To be clear, I’m not condoning the act of stealing songs so iTunes Match will be profitable for the users.  I just merely pointing out the possibility of how iTunes Match could be used in such a way.

Before subscribing to iTunes Match, you must upgrade your iTunes to the latest version.  The latest version of iTunes is 10.5.1 and it’s out right now.  After the upgrade of iTunes, you will see iTunes Match link under the Store section within iTunes.  Click on the link will show you a page where you can begin to subscribe to iTunes Match.


Duh, Social Networks Want Real Names Only

Facebook logo

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I will never know if my suspicion on why Facebook and Google Plus want to mandate their users to don real names has any merit, but I think I want to point it out anyway.  I think it’s for an economic reason which explains why Facebook and Google Plus want users to use real names on their social networks and not nicknames.

It’s obvious Facebook and Google Plus want their partners to see their users as real people and real accounts and not some fake, make up usernames and nicknames.  Knowing with real active users who use real names on social networks, the sky is the limit for sparks of new partnerships, ideas, ventures, and innovations to take hold.  If this isn’t for the bottom line, then I don’t know what would.  Then again, I hate to point something out that is so obvious, because I might be the last person of them all to have do so.

Sure, it’s tempting to think using real names on social networks somehow divert the possibilities of various dangerous activities of how the use of nicknames could encourage, but the realities are things could go both way.  The use of real names on social networks doesn’t mean it’s going to be effectively eradicated the dangerous activities that would spur under the use of nicknames, and vice versa.  Therefore, economic reason does make more sense in regarding to why Facebook and Google encourage users to use real names.

It’s obvious to see Facebook and Google like to discourage users who want to create too many fake accounts.  By now you would say duh, but I would say duh too.  It’s the whole point!  The point of having or making the appearance of real users ever more transparent so social networks that do promote real names seem to be even more valid than ever, and this might help prolong the relevancy of social networks for some time to come.  Just think about this, the next time if you want to join a social network, would you want to join a social network that you think there might be more zombies than real users?  Such a social network might not have a mandate to push for using real names, and so in the end it might not be so relevant to the whole Internet scene.  Moreover, how can we even dare to try to trust a recommendation from a friend on a social network that lacks real name mandate?  It’s not economically wise for such a social network to not mandate the use of real names, right?  At the least, great social networks know that by merely declaring a mandate of real name usage can greatly boost their wonderful existences onto a higher plane.

Users want to know the people that they are communicating with in real social networks, albeit they might never be able to truly know the people that they are friending with from the start.  It’s the intention that counts, I guess.  At the least, users want to know the real names of the strangers who want to friend them, regardless of the intentions that drive the friending in the first place.  OK, by now it sounds very much like I’m sort of pointing out the same thing over and over again; I simply put that social networks want users to use real names so the economic future of social networks might be more viable.

Disclaimer of sort:  I do not favor either camp, because I favor both!  Sort of having a split personality on this matter, I think!  I like the idea of having a nickname so I won’t be so open on the Internet, but I also want to know the people I’m communicating with on the Internet are real!  Therefore, I do not have a personal view on this, but I just want to point out the obvious reason of why Facebook and Google want users to use real names.  Like I said, I’m probably be the last person who takes note of this and makes a big deal out of it!

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The Goods And The Bad Of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

LARP: Sternenfeuer group from Germany

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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is by far the best RPG I’ve ever played, but also by far the most annoying and unplayable at times RPG I’ve played.  Let talk about the goods first!  Skyrim is gorgeous in regarding to its level of details.  Every object, however big or small in the game, from a bowl to a mountain, the details are overwhelming and extraordinary.  Skyrim isn’t hard to play, but it does take one to play enough hours before one fully becoming addicted to the game.  How come?  It’s starting out slow and with very little tutorial to begin with.  Then again, it’s so simple to play, but too simple to a point that requires gamers to experiment to figure out how simple it is.  How ironic, isn’t it?  Skyrim is also fun to play since you can do almost anything and go anywhere within the game.  The map is so large that gets your jaw drops wide open.  So far, I had joined the Companion and acquired werewolf power/form.  I suspect I cannot get bore with this game until I truly finish it, and even then I’ll poke around with Skyrim’s landscapes for some picturesque moments.

The bad of Skyrim is that it’s glitchy!  At the moment, I’m stuck at the part where I’m being pursued by Vilkas every second and a menu would pop up to pause my gaming process, because Vilkas wants to say “We’re going to make them pay!”  This is also the part where Vilkas has to follow me to finish a quest known as Purity of Revenge.  So, the glitch began when a guard wanted to arrest me, but I ran into the Companion sanctuary within Whiterun.  Inside the Companion sanctuary, the guard started to attack me but the Companion fellows attacked the guard which led to more guards came in and attacked more Companion fellows.  I went crazy and used a fire explosion scroll (don’t remember of the scroll name) which exploded and killed all the guards and some Companion fellows.  This led to Vilkas turned on me and wanted to kill me, but instead of killing me, he pursued me everywhere and wanted to talk to me which prompted the glitchy menu to pop up every second.  (Update:  Someone suggests that by following the guard’s order to take up jail time, the glitch will end, but I’ve found out that this isn’t the case.  I guess, the glitch goes on for now!)

The glitch got worse at one time that I had to laugh out loud.  So, I got pretty much fed up at this point since Skyrim was unplayable with stupid Vilkas bothered me and pursued me pointlessly, I picked pocket a woman in Whiterun.  Instead of calling for a guard, she would let me picked pocket her and then ran up the stairs a little repeatedly.  Eventually she would ran to a guard and asked for help but a male bystander would pull out a sword and smacked her to death with it.  I laughed hysterically, because the artificial intelligence of Skyrim at this point was anything but sane.  I slowly came up to the corpse of the woman who lay on the cold ground and stripped her belongings, and this was the last occasion of picked pocket of this unfortunate woman if you considered taking things from a dead corpse was picked pocket.

After putting in a substantial amount of time into Skyrim, it was and is finally unplayable.  Can I have my $60 back?  I love Skyrim, but hate it for the glitch.  I don’t feel like to restart the game from beginning or even roll back to previous saved points!  Too much time I’d invested in Skyrim already!  For your information, I’m experiencing a glitch with Skyrim on PS3 console, and so I can’t comment how glitchy Skyrim would be on other consoles and game platforms.  I wonder could Skyrim developers release a fix somehow over the Internet to PS3 so I can continue my Skyrim quests?  For now, I hold my breath on this!

Can Thorium Be The Only One Element That Energizes The World Of The Future?

Nuclear power plant in Cattenom, France

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When it comes to the field of energy, I’m clueless and scare.  Just like most people, I know we need various sources of energy to power our economy and retain our ways of life.  Unlike the experts, most people and I do not understand the mechanics of the technologies that harness various sources of energy.  Nonetheless, in this day and age (i.e., the information age), it’s pretty hard to ignore the confusion mass of information which flows endlessly over the world through tubes and wires and the air (i.e., the Internet), and this confusion mass of information has abundant amount of useful information on energy that we can tune into so one day the world might just need to be saved by such information.

The confusion mass of information at now is clearly showing us that using the wrong types/sources of energy too much can lead to global warming.  Whether global warming was started out by humankind or just a natural phenomenon which meant to be repeated over the cycles of the many mega-annum, it really doesn’t matter at this point since scientists are suggesting that we might be ever nearer to so called the tipping point of global warming if we can’t stop releasing more greenhouse gases into the atmospheres.

The idea is to use energy sources that are producing cleaner energy and yet abundant enough so our country and people do not have to depend on someone else.  Depending on someone else for our energy needs can pose great risks to our nation.  Such risks can negatively affect the economy or military or the encompassment of all industries.  This is why promoting clean energy isn’t so simple.  We have to calculate the available means but yet be prudent with such means in ways that we can ensure there won’t be a situation where kamikaze would occur in our future, the future of our nation.

People have been suggesting that clean energy can be in the forms of wind, trapped heat within earth, water, and from the sun.  Totally workable!  Then there are folks who suggest even all of those sources of clean energy to be combined together, the world still won’t have enough of energy to sustain unless nuclear power is included into the list.  Then, then there are folks who say nuclear power is super dangerous and plain unhealthy.  Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster gives the more reasons why people are not so fond of nuclear technology.  Still, we have this one problem, the problem of global warming if we do nothing to improve the way we use our sources of energy.  So what should we do?

Here come a pinch of like minded folks who think nuclear power is the key, but they aren’t talking of nuclear power that relies on Uranium (92-U).  Instead, these folks promote something much safer and much much more abundant.  Have you heard of Thorium (90-Th)?  Scientists suggest that Thorium element is so abundant that we can find it to be in most rocks.  Well, I’m not sure if that is the fact, but if it is then I would be damn.  Well, if it isn’t, then I might have heard it wrong somehow.  But, in any way we look at, Thorium technology is being promoted as safer nuclear technology where it won’t go exploding (i.e., Kaboom Kaboom) if something goes wrong.  Some scientists suggest that instead of exploding when something goes wrong, Thorium nuclear technology might just have the waste to be drained away safely.

Scientists suggest that United States has knew about Thorium for more than thirty years, but the technology was never promoted and developed since the military wants to make bombs.  Well, they say that, and I’m not sure if that is true.  Perhaps, thirty years ago Thorium wasn’t so easy to work with, but now it isn’t the case?  Anyhow, the video right after the break suggests that Thorium is much safer source for nuclear energy, to be energized the world thousands of years to come.

I do have an inkling feeling deep down that as technologies gets so proficient, there will be large group of people who do not want to promote proficient technologies for the fear of being less profitable.  I don’t think it’s the case for all technologies, because some technologies are more profitable when proficiency matters.  In the case of energy though, I fear that proficiency isn’t a welcoming element!  Let just hope there are enough folks who push on to accomplish energy proficiency so there will be a day when global warming won’t even be worthy enough to creep into humankind’s energy conversations.