What About Gmail’s New Look?

By now, you probably are using Gmail‘s new look already, but if you haven’t yet, then read on.

Gmail is exciting again!  Google has revamped Gmail to make email gorgeous.  Gorgeous new themes, improved search, improved conversation interface, and nicer default layout are waiting for you to activate when you log into your Gmail account.  I’m not sure if this is the manifesto for one to activate the new look of Gmail, but I had to look at the bottom most right corner to see a tiny link which led me to the activation of the new Gmail look.  Then came the whole bunch of new features to put a smile on me.

The new look of Gmail is cleaner and nicer, but I cannot get comfortable with the comfortable layout which was activated by default.  Instead, I choose to be with compact layout which is selectable under Settings.  Settings represents by a gear looking icon near the topmost right corner.  It may be that I have had gotten used to the old Gmail look for so long that now it just feels comfortable for me to use the compact layout.

One thing isn’t change is the annoying ads on the righthand side.  It just makes Gmail looks ugly!  Well, Google has to make money somehow, and I don’t blame them for having ads on the righthand side.  Sometimes, it’s better to have the cake and not to be able to eat it.  This is one of the case, and I’m not complaining!  I’m just saying!

Sure, there are couple new HD themes I think, but I still feel Google has not rolled out enough themes!  I love to see Google rolls out a lot more themes so I won’t be bored by looking at few themes over and over again.  I think themes are just as important as everything else within Gmail.  Themes can morph to fit my mood of the day!

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