Trade In Old Kindle For New One On Amazon? How About Trading In iPad 2 And Other Electronic Devices?

Amazon is generously buying back your Kindle, but you won’t be getting back the same amount of money you had paid for it in the first place.  According to Wired, Amazon pays people $28 Gift Card for the first generation Kindle, $135 Gift Card for DX Kindle, and $37.75 Gift Card for the latest generation Kindle with keyboard and Wi-Fi.  Wired reports that all Kindles can be traded in for prices.  You can trade in your Kindle for $dollars Gift Card by visiting Amazon’s Electronics Trade In > eBook Readers & Accessories page.  After trading in, I assume customers can use appropriate credits in Gift Card to pay for items on

I also notice that you can trade in your Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) for $330 Gift Card, but this price might change for obvious reasons.  Browsing other categories of trade in programs on Amazon is an eye opening for me, because Amazon is willing to pay users some Amazon credits (sometimes good amount Amazon credits) for their old electronic devices.  Perhaps, Amazon will resell the buyback electronic devices for profits?  Amazon might also make even more profits by having users spend their Amazon credits on  Anyhow, users are also the winners since they can get some Amazon’s credits for getting rid of their unwanted old electronic devices.

Amazon are sorting trade in items in 3 different categories, Like New, Good, and Acceptable.  According to the trade in items categories, Amazon pays users with certain Amazon credits for their items.  For an example, users who trade in brand new item such as iPhone 4 gets the most Amazon credits.


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