What About DVI, HDMI, VGA Display Ports and Cables?

Those pesky display ports that nobody cares about usually stay out of sight and out of mind until one has to connect one end of PC to different display monitors with array of options in relation to various digital and analog signals.  I know even myself can get confuse about various DVI options, especially there are male and female DVIs and so on.  How about converting signals between HDMI and VGA, DVI and VGA, and so on?  I do know that DVI and HDMI signals are pretty much identical, and so why one has to pick between DVI and HDMI?  Anyhow, as you can see, it’s rather confusing matter, but luckily I’ve found a very good video on YouTube which may clear up things a bit about these different display ports and cables.  Enjoy the video right after the break!

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