My Bad Days With Gas Lawnmowers Are Numbered, Going With The Electric Ones

My lawn has gotten worse since my lawnmower isn’t working for sometimes.  Thinking of hiring a lawn care service, but I surmise it will be expensive.  Some lawn care services will charge hefty price for first round of care even though your lawn is not excessively abandoned.  I know couple people are willing to cut my lawn for $35 to $40 a pop, but that too can become rather expensive if you think about long term.

So, what are my options?  Not much really, but I do have a plan!  You see, I’ve had so many gas lawnmowers that failed me more than I want to remember!  Searching Amazon, I see couple electric lawnmowers, some of them require cords and others don’t, are super affordable — I saw one that is in the price range of $350 plus, but not more than $390.  Batteries of some electric lawnmowers are rechargeable, and each battery could last for awhile before you need to replace it with brand new one.

My decision is that I’m going to buy an electric lawnmower.  I think my bad days with gas lawnmowers are numbered.  Of course, new bad days can begin by having bad time with electric lawnmowers, but that is still to be seen.

If it’s up to you, what do you think about gas lawnmowers vs electric lawnmowers?  Of course, we are comparing the two types of lawnmowers in general and not of specific models!  Just the underlying technology itself is what I’m interesting in!  Please leave out the greenhouse gas effect slashes global warming debate, because cutting grass twice a month, couple hours each time will probably not contribute much to the environmental problems, I think!  Hoping to listen in to some of your comments/debate about electric lawnmowers vs gas lawnmowers in the comment section!

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