A Facial Recognition Software Can Scan A Photo Of Yours And Reveal Your Most Sensitive Information

PCMag has a piece on a newly developed application which can reveal people’s personal and sensitive data such as a social security number by tapping into facial recognition technology.  According to PCMag, researchers at Carnegie Mellon confidently suggest that they can do this to a total stranger.  Perhaps, someday people who have access to this very application can just take a photo of a passerby and get to know such person intimately in term of identity.

What about people who just go onto Facebook and other social network websites and download strangers’ photos so they can use this facial recognition application to steal people’s identities?  Maybe even a simple photo of your face on the web can totally give up your identity to whoever has access to this very application.

Should people be very careful from now on of how they should post what on the Internet, especially their sensitive information which has now included photos of themselves?  So, a person should not think that they’re anonymous if they post fake profiles, because as long they have real photos of themselves on the web, their identities can be exposed to strangers?  I can go on, but I’m just going to scare everyone!!!  So, check out the source article “Social Security Numbers Revealed … With Facial-Recognition Software?” at PCMag to know more about this scary facial recognition application.

Source:  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2389540,00.asp

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