Can Cyberwar Be More Damaging Than Wars That Require Weapons And Dead Bodies?

As United States and China carry out actions to beef up each own cyber security, many of us might not understand why the two countries have done so!  Even I’m not sure why, but I think I know.  I think that more governments are signed up to the idea of securing a nation’s cyber security with one thing in mind, it’s that to protect their digital integrity!

Imagine, one nation can hack into another nation digital infrastructure so the activity of rendering one’s nation banking and intelligence systems useless, the whole idea in itself is scaring the heck out of each nation.  I think by now, it’s a known fact that many nations are using the digital world to formulate all types of plans such as monitoring the intentions of the enemy!  Without staying ahead of one another, how one nation knows that its intelligence has the right information to keep its nation safe?

Albeit, physical destruction has to be the last resort, but before such measure to be carried out, I think many nations of the world will try to outmaneuver one another through the medium of Internet.  Perhaps, the Internet may be up for a consideration of total control, and who shall control the Internet?  In the meantime, more and more news are reporting about group after group of hackers have successfully penetrated and compromised important entities.  United States has had seen so much hacking activities came from China, and China denies all of that.  In return, China says that she herself is also a target of hackers.

Cnet is reporting president Obama has laid out cyberwar guidelines.  The article isn’t thorough at all, but it does point out one interesting aspect as to increase cyberwar effort.  So, I guess we are going to see a trend of evermore unrest in the digital world, whether that be coming from China or U.S. or any other country that wants to participate in the cyber conflict.  So the question is, can cyberwar be more damaging than wars that require weapons and dead bodies?

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