How To Use Voila And iMovie To Create Screencast Videos For YouTube!

I often use Voila and iMovie together to create screencast videos that you see on my YouTube channel (i.e., Essayboard)!  In case some people don’t really know how to create screencast videos, I create a video tutorial on Voila and iMovie just to show these people how to create screencast videos.  I’m sure there are better ways out there, but I prefer Voila and iMovie since Voila is a very affordable screencast software and working quite well; iMovie is available by default when a person owns a Mac which is a plus since I don’t really have to spend extra money to buy a movie editor software.  I’m using an older iMovie version, and I’m sure the newer version would contain way more features!  Nonetheless, I think when you know how to use iMovie once, it doesn’t matter what version it is, because all iMovie versions should work almost the same.

People create screencast videos for many reasons, and one obvious reason is to upload to YouTube!  So, watch the video if you want to know how to create a screencast video!  Just a head up, it’s a 20 minute long video, and so it could put you to sleep if you have no interest in the subject.

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