What About Infobright?

I’m not that well versed with any database solution, but I’m depending on MySQL for several projects of mine.  Honestly, MySQL is way more adequate for what I’m trying to achieve with my projects.  Nonetheless, I’m a curious being, always looking for something new to experiment with.  So, recently I’d stumbled on an analytical database solution known as Infobright.

To tell the truth, I’m so new to something as analytical database solution and so I’m not sure of its benefits, but I think analytical database solution is gearing toward users who need to work with numerous terabytes of data.  These heavy users need ways to query their data as fast as they can, but the relational database such as MySQL sometimes isn’t fast enough to satisfy these users — here is where something as Infobright enters the scene.  Also, it seems Infobright can compress huge size of collections of data into much smaller size of collections of data, and this saves database owners lot of storage spaces.

I don’t think I can explain how Infobright would work better than the videos  (i.e., I’ve found them on YouTube) within this post.  Nonetheless, I sense that Infobright is an awesome solution for users who need to have something more robust than MySQL’s MyISAM and InnoDB engines.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that Infobright is probably just another engine which designs to work with MySQL.  Check the videos right after the break to know more about Infobright, because you never know if one day you may want to consider Infobright for your projects.

I’m sure if you dig around, you may find more useful information on Infobright and analytical database solution.  Infobright has an open source version for its community (i.e., users like you), and so you can take a whiff at their official website’s info on how to get Infobright’s community version so you can play around with it.  It’s free to download the Infobright community version!

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