Using Wubi To Dual Boot Ubuntu And Windows

If you’ve been following my blog through and through, by now you probably know that I’m a big fan of Ubuntu (a Linux distribution).  I’d written several blog posts on Ubuntu, and one of those explained how to install Ubuntu inside VirtualBox.  Although I’d written “Installing And Securing Ubuntu 9.10 Inside VirtualBox On Host Windows 7” in 2009, I think it’s still relevant somewhat for today.  Why and how?  Once you know how to install Ubuntu inside VirtualBox on a Windows host for the first time, you probably know how to do the same thing over and over again no matter what versions of Ubuntu and VirtualBox will be in the future.  Well, at least that is what I believe, and for me it’s certainly the case.  Nonetheless, I can’t really impose such an easygoing and everything will be OK belief on everyone, and so here I ask for an apology ahead of time if this is not going to be the case for you.

Anyhow, some people may not want to use VirtualBox for creating a virtual machine so Ubuntu can be installed on top of a virtual machine that way, but these folks still want to have Ubuntu on top of Windows.  The question is how to do that without using VirtualBox.  Obviously, you have a lot of choices of going about to do just that.  VMware and Parallels are another two obvious choices that one can try out, because these two software are pretty much having the same capabilities as VirtualBox.  It’s worth noticing that VirtualBox is FREE and the other two aren’t!

Still, the idea of having a virtual machine inside Windows may not jibe very well with some folks, because these folks prefer dual boot over virtual machine.  Some people may have it easy with setting up dual boot for Ubuntu and Windows on the same machine, but it’s certainly not the case for everyone.  So, the question is how can one go about doing dual boot the easy way?  Luckily, Ubuntu has a way for you to dual boot easily.  Wubi is a software that you can download for free on which helps you dual boot the easy way so you will have Ubuntu and Windows on the same machine.

Many people have testified that Wubi is the easier way for one to go about setting up dual boot for Ubuntu and Windows than the traditional method.  Personally, I haven’t tried dual boot Ubuntu and Windows using Wubi, and so I don’t know how easy Wubi is to me.  Honestly, I prefer VirtualBox, because I think VirtualBox is more flexible.  For an example, I can move VirtualBox’s virtual machine from one physical machine to another easily.  I don’t know if this is the case for Wubi or not, and so I’m kind of ignoring Wubi for now.  Note to myself, I need to try out Wubi personally someday.

Still, don’t let me stop you trying out Wubi.  In spirit of supporting Ubuntu in anyway I can, I went onto YouTube and search for videos on how to use Wubi to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows on the same machine without breaking Windows.  Good news, I’ve found couple good ones, I think.  You can watch these videos right after the break!

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