Steve Jobs Presented New Apple Headquarter Plan To Cupertino’s City Council

Out and about, a healthier Steve Jobs presented his 2015 new headquarter plan for Apple to the city council of Cupertino.  It seems Steve Jobs has spent most of his life in Cupertino.  He found his company in Cupertino and then expanded the company exponentially which has led to the size of today Apple.  In total, today Apple has around 46,000 full time employees.  In fact, Steve Jobs predicts that his company will grow even more in which his headquarter may need to hire even more employees, roughly around 20% more in Cupertino.

For his headquarter to hold more people, Steve Jobs presented his 2015 headquarter plan, and the building sure looks like a spaceship.  In fact, a member of the Cupertino’s city council expressed his feeling and said that he felt as if a spaceship has landed in Cupertino.  Steve Jobs said he thinks the building will be superb in architecture to a point that students of architecture may take a visit to his headquarter for an observation on the architecture of the building.  Nothing of the external structure of the building will have straight angle/edge, because everything is curve on the outside.  The new headquarter may able to hold twelve thousands people at one time.

Steve Jobs also emphasized on clean energy and cleaner environment.  He said that his people will double the trees from roughly around 3000 to 6000 trees in the surrounding area of the future Apple headquarter.  Parking lots will go underground, but some parking spaces will remain above the ground, still.  The idea is that when Apple’s new headquarter gets done, the positive change to the surrounding area will render a big change that nothing of today will look the same when 2015 comes around.  Steve Jobs says his people plan to move into the new headquarter in 2015.


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