Comcast Is Upping Its Internet Connection Speed To 105 Megabits Per Second. Should Comcast Raise Its Data Limit For Customers With Blinding Speed Internet Connection?

Comcast is upping its game by rolling out the fastest Internet connection speed in its entirely history.  OK, read that carefully, because Comcast isn’t the company who has the fastest Internet connection plan, because Verizon FiOS has an even faster Internet connection plan.  Still, the new Internet connection plan is at 105 megabits per second.  That is a lot faster than what I’ve now.  I’m using Uverse AT&T which is only at 23 megabits per second.

OK, faster Internet connection is important, but how about getting rid of data cap too.  Comcast has a Terms of Service page where it describes that each user cannot go over 250GB of bandwidth per month.  Majority of people probably won’t ever go over the 250 GB/month data limit, but few will do.  The problem is that if Comcast is capable of providing bandwidth to millions of customers, why only the few customers that are going over the data limit can be concerned as the problem of everything?

The irony of everything about having a faster Internet connection is that you can’t really use it to your liking!  How is that?  The faster Internet connection the more you can do, but the more you do the more bandwidth you will use.  You get the gist!  Use too much bandwidth and Comcast will contact you to tell you that you have past your data limit.  Could it be it’s more profitable to have customers go pass their data limits?

Why oh why the 250 GB/month data limit reminds me so much of the old day when a professor of my college told the class that nobody should need more than 70 GB of hard drive space or so.  Look where we at nowadays, we can’t even find a mechanical hard drive in store that is less than 100 GB of space (SSD drive is entirely a different matter for this point in time).  Instead, there are shelves of 1 to 2 terabyte mechanical hard drives for sale.  The argument is that these broadband companies should not treat their customers like fools, because the customers deserve bigger data limits so they can really use their super fast Internet to do their things the right way.

It’s awesome for Comcast to raise its Internet speed, but it’s time for Comcast to lead the pack by upping its data limit or get rid of it altogether for good.  Do you think Comcast should get rid of its data limit so customers can really use the faster Internet connection the right way?  Or how about this, should Comcast raise data limit for customers who purchase faster Internet connection plans?


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