Has iPad 2 Made Amazon Nervous? Amazon Is Selling Kindle With Ads For $25 Less Than Lowest-Priced Kindle Model!

I’m not sure the luster for Amazon Kindle is still there!  In the age of iPad 2, it seems Kindle is a little outdated.  Nonetheless, I still think technically, E-ink is much much better than anything else that is out there.  Kindle uses E-ink technology to mimic the feeling of reading a physical book, and so this gives Kindle one up on iPad 2 in term of reading ebooks.  This is why Kindle is probably still worth something, but some people probably care less about straining their eyes and care more about how much more they can do with iPad 2.  Reading ebooks on iPad 2 is a bonus for iPad 2 lovers.

Probably iPad 2 and other cheaper ebook readers are flooding the market has had Amazon to lower the prices for several Kindle models.  The latest news has that Amazon sells Kindle with ads for $25 cheaper than the lowest-priced model.  If you’re heading over to Amazon to get a Kindle with ads now, it’s going to cost you $114.  I’m not sure how much more it will cost if there are sale tax and shipping fee.  I have the feeling that $25 lower than usual to own a Kindle may be attractive to not that many people.  The main reason for me to think like that is Kindle has losing luster, and only around $50 less than the lowest-priced Kindle model would move people to rush and buy the Kindle with ads.  Notice that I don’t really think ads will be a problem for Kindle owners, because Amazon promises to only show ads during screensaver.  As long the screensaver looks pretty, anything can go onto it, including ads.

On a personal note, I love Kindle more and more as I get to use it more.  It’s that attractive.  Why?  With a single charge and wireless off, Kindle has up to one month battery life.  I can read ebooks with Kindle in direct sunlight and low light such as inside a car at night while a car’s reading light is on.  Buying Amazon ebooks with Kindle is a painless process.  Sometimes, I wish there is a tablet that can combine Kindle and iPad 2 together.  For an example, when reading ebooks, such a tablet would switch to Kindle’s E-ink technology to enhance my joyous reading, and it could switch to iPad 2’s technology to allow me to watch movies or play games or surf the web.  It’s unfortunate for people who love to read, yet cannot afford both devices at the same time, and they have to pick one among the two as their favorite electronic device.

Source:  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-04-11/amazon-com-to-sell-version-of-kindle-e-book-reader-for-114-featuring-ads.html

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