French Government Experienced A Major Cyber Attack. Cyber Threats Are So Real!

Face it, cyber security is extremely important in our time.  Everything has becoming so digital that it’s extremely important to protect them with better than great cyber security.  Fail to do so may result in stolen top secrets, stolen classified information, insider deals, and much more.  The French government had gotten the taste of a spectacular cyber attack.  The attack was traced back to an IP address in China.  Around 100 computers were compromised, but the French government was able to stop the attack.  It seemed the hackers who launched the payloads were after information in relation to G20.

In our time, I think cyber attacks are going to scale up ever more.  Cyber attacks are somewhat convenient and covert since nobody will know about the attacks until something go very wrong, but even then it’s a lot harder to put faces on hackers than let say the terrorists that got captured by a camera or identified by witnesses.  One man’s hackers are another man’s terrorists.  So the battles that we don’t see at all may actually happen at we speak.  These battles sometimes involve with massive amount of zombies (i.e., infected computers) and launchpads (i.e., infected computers to use as points of delivering attacks).

The appealing nature of hacking is very Hollywood-like, and the consequences of having been compromised are very unpleasant.  Thinking of a top secret weapon that is leaked to the enemy, it’s something that extremely distasteful since the enemy doesn’t have to spend a cent to acquire the knowledge while we waste billions of dollars to develop such knowledge.  It’s a hypothesis scenario, but who dare to say it can never happen unless we have bulletproof cyber security.  I don’t think there is such a thing, because someone out there always has a way to work around certain cyber security measures.


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