Google Wants To Verify Your Accounts With Additional Verification Step Through Cell Phones

Google has becoming even more paranoid about security, and so they should as we all know weak computer security can surely do great amount of damages to your life beyond the digital realm.  Taking a newer approach to ensure Google’s users stay safe online, Google is undertaking an extra step of verifying everyone’s account through cell phones.  Google can call you up or text you a secret code right after you have entered the password for your account.  This is an extra layer of comfort in term of security, albeit it’s rather briefly an annoyance.  The next time the bad guy has your password, he or she must too have access to your cell phone before a successful hack can be made on your account.

Google is rolling this out slowly, and when it does become available for everyone, you should be able to click on a link within your account to set up an extra layer of verification through phone.  According to the source, PCMag, it takes around 15 minutes to set up the extra verification step.  To tell the truth, 15 minutes setup does sound scary to me.  Online users such as I have rather brief attention span, and to endure 15 minutes of setup is quite tiresome.  Nonetheless, I’m not entirely sure it does take 15 minutes since I haven’t yet tried set the extra verification step through phone in my Google accounts.  Let me know how it goes with the time as you set your Google account to work with the extra verification step through phone in the comment section.

FYI (For your information):  If you’re using Google Gmail, it’s very important for you to apply the extra step of verification through phone since hackers love to hack an email account.  Why?  I think hackers know that many email users often associate particular email accounts with other important accounts in case they need to recover various accounts’ passwords.  Acquiring an email account is worth it for hackers since they can use the recover password option on various accounts.


One thought on “Google Wants To Verify Your Accounts With Additional Verification Step Through Cell Phones

  1. Google has implemented this new system following a spate of people’s Gmail accounts being illegally accessed from Chinese IP ranges. However – I don’t believe it’s ultimately going to do any good. Because I believe they’ve been exploiting some hole in Google’s authorization system. I’ve had the illegal access warning twice now and both times I’ve had randomly-generated 16-character passes – they’d take a lot of brute-forcing to crack, believe me.

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