Ghosts of The Past, A Story Of Dead MySQL Databases Repopulated Inside Cpanel’s Account

Ghosts from the past visit the now, and I’m not talking about a horror here.  Recently, I had learned something from Cpanel that I had no idea before.  If you’re unfamiliar with Cpanel, I suggest you google it!  Back to the main course, I logged into Cpanel and noticed that the MySQL databases I had deleted eon ago repopulated inside Cpanel.  I pulled my hair, googled everywhere, but I couldn’t find the source of the souls of these supposed to be dead databases.  Luckily, I called up a person who knew much more about ghosts of the past of MySQL/Cpanel, and he showed me the way.

It turned out, even though inside PHPMyAdmin and /var/lib/mysql, the ghosts of the past did not repopulated, and it supposed to be that way — this gave me an idea that everything had been normal besides the fact that the ghosts of the past of dead databases had repopulated within Cpanel.  The person I called up figured it out and told me that inside directory /var/cpanel/databases/, there would be two files that I could take a look at.  One would start with username.cache (replace username with a real account’s username) and the other would start with username.yaml (replace username with a real account’s username).

It turned out he was corrected.  The ghosts of the past of MySQL turned out to be just a list of lost souls who’s silhouettes refused to leave the living world.  Anyway, I deleted the list of dead databases in those two files, and my Cpanel is perfect again.  If you still don’t know why I had wanted to get rid the ghosts of the past, I’ll tell you so… it’s because I do not want every time I get into Cpanel’s MySQL section and I have to wait for Cpanel to recall all the ghosts of the past; it takes a long time you know?  Also, it can be very confusing by staring at the ghosts of the past, fearing of getting lost among them.

So, take a look at my report here and get rid of yours before Halloween once again returns!

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