Recording Computer Video Games For YouTube

Recording video games such as Starcraft 2 while playing is going to be resource intensive.  The raw data files are going to be huge in size.  22 minutes game produces around 50 GB plus for the total of the raw data files.  Sharing what you have recorded on YouTube demands you to compress those files into smaller sizes.  The compression time can be long as it depends on the power of your computer.  To be honest, it’s requiring a lot of work for you to record your game’s fun time for YouTube.  I forgot to mention that you also need to buy a decent software that helps you do the recording while playing.  I can see why some people may deter from doing this for money and time are the enemies here.

Nonetheless, if you insist on wanting to know how to do this, I have found a video on YouTube which shows you how to do so.  I’ve been looking for a better solution, the one which doesn’t require you to spend money or waste too much time, but unfortunately I’ve found none.  Maybe I wasn’t looking around enough.  Perhaps, in the future I may come up with a better solution or find one, until then this YouTube video is the best solution so far.  Check out the video “‪How to record Starcraft 2 (and other games) for youtube‬” after the break.


Know a better way?  You can share what you know with everyone who will read this article in the comment section!

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